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Multi-Value Projects (MVPs)

Implementation of a value-based planning process creates a consolidated transmission plan that delivers regional value while meeting near-term system needs. Regional transmission solutions, or Multi-Value Projects (MVPs), meet one of more of three goals:

  • Reliably and economically enable regional public policy needs
  • Provide multiple types of regional economic value
  • Provide a combination of regional reliability and economic value

MVP Portfolio and Study Results

The 2011 MVP portfolio represents more than eight years of planning efforts to find a cost-effective, regional transmission solution that meets local energy and reliability needs. Projects in the 2011 MVP portfolio consider reliability, economic and public policy drivers in the development of transmission solutions that provide benefits in excess of its cost throughout the MISO North and Central footprint. 

For MVP construction status and cost updates, refer to the MVP Dashboard on the MTEP Quarterly Status Reports page

MVP Reviews 

The MISO Tariff requires annual review of the MVP portfolio. These reviews provide an updated view into the projected economic, public policy and qualitative benefits of the approved MVP portfolio to identify potential modifications to the MVP methodology and its implementation for projects to be approved at a future date. MVP reviews do not impact the existing MVP portfolio approval status or cost allocation.