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Transmission Settlements and Pricing

The Monthly Transmission Settlements process financially settles Transmission Customers’ use of the MISO transmission system and our mandated, non-competitive Ancillary Services. Customer charges for transmission and Ancillary Services are calculated based upon the FERC-approved Tariff, and collected funds are distributed to Transmission Owners and providers of the mandated Ancillary Services. 

Transmission Settlements follows a calendar-month billing cycle by which MISO determines what charges Transmission Customers have incurred and the distribution of revenue to Transmission Owners and/or generators.  Customers also may count on us for technical assistance and support on MISO Transmission rate-related matters. Our processes provide non-discriminatory reviews of Attachments O, GG, MM, SS, and ZZ submissions annually.

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Attachments, Schedules and TO Data

Transmission rates are effective as of the date of their posting and will not reflect any retroactive adjustments due to FERC Orders or any other reasons.



Rate changes were processed to incorporate the annual revenue requirements and/or divisor updates of Attachments O/GG/MM/ZZ for Transmission Owners using historical Attachment Os.

 Schedule 1 – Updated Schedule 1 Revenue Requirement and Divisor – Overall, the MISO Through and Out Rate change is: (0.09%)

 Schedule 2 - Divisors were updated for the June 2019 rate Update.  In addition, the following changes were made:

  • Entergy Mississippi TPZ decreased 9.69% due to Rex Brown Unit #4 Retirement.
  • Big Rivers TPZ decreased 4.42% due to reduced revenue requirement of AMP’s Smithland Hydro generator.
  • Vectren’s TPZ increased 46.03% due to; 1) AMP's Cannelton Hydro generator reduced revenue requirements and 2) Replacing stated rates with generator-specific revenue requirements.
  • ATC_WPS TPZ decreased 0.66% due to reduced revenue requirement for Manitowoc Public Utilities.
  • Ameren Illinois TPZ decreased by 2.65% due to: 1) Duck Creek generator reduced revenue requirement, 2) the ED Edwards generator revenue requirement was reduced and split into ED Edwards 2 and ED Edwards 3, and 3) ED Edwards 3 generator reduced revenue requirement.
  • Overall, the MISO Schedule 2 rate decreased by 1.97%.      


Schedules 7,8 & 9 - Historical Test Year TOs - Revenue Requirement, Divisor, and CBM updates.   AEP I & M integrated to DEI TPZ and added WVPA to the AMMO TPZ. Overall MISO Rate Change: 4.72%.

 Schedules 26, 37 & 38 - Historical TO ATRR and Divisor updates.  Overall MISO Rate Change: (2.67%)

 Schedule 33 - Revenue requirements were modified per dockets ER18-1890 and ER19-934. Divisors were updated, and adjustments were made to revenue requirements for transactions exiting the system in 2018. The MISO system average rate decreased by 7.83%.

 Schedule 41 - Annual Update Revenue Requirement and Divisors resulting in decreases of: EAI rate change: (18.63%), ELL rate change: (3.52%), ETI rate change: (18.09%), ENO rate change: (34.11%).

 Schedule 42B - Annual Update Revenue Requirement and Divisors, resulting in decreases: EAI rate change: (8.01%), ELL rate change: (6.58%), EMI rate change: (7.21%), ETI rate change: (8.26%).

 Schedule 45 - Divisors updated.  Overall MISO Rate Change: (2.14%)

 The overall impact on MISO system rates follows:

  • Schedule 1:                          0.09% decrease
  • Schedule 2:                          1.97% decrease
  • Schedules 7, 8, & 9:           4.72% increase
  • Schedule 26:                       2.67% decrease
  • Schedule 33:                       7.83% decrease
  • Schedule 45:                       2.14% decrease


These changes are effective June 1, 2019.


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