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Market System Enhancement

MISO operates one of the largest energy markets in the world, with well over 400 market participants serving 42 million people. Our world-class energy markets serve as a platform for matching the supply and demand of energy across 15 states in the MISO region.

As MISO has grown over the years, so has our market system platform. The current system has served MISO and its members well but it is approaching end-of-life. As we plan for the grid of the future, we must ensure we have a market system platform that will meet our stakeholders’ future needs while ensuring the reliability and security of the grid.

The purpose of MISO’s Market System Enhancement (MSE) multi-year program is to transform our current platform into a flexible, upgradeable and secure system that will meet those needs. It is a critical component of MISO’s ability to execute its current and future strategies and continue to deliver value to our stakeholders. The success of the program moves us closer to fulfilling our company vision of being the most reliable, value-creating RTO.

MSE Materials

Use the links below to access the Market System Enhancement Program book and additional information about the MSE program. We provide quarterly program updates at Market Subcommittee meetings (March, June, September and December) and at Board of Directors meetings. 

Market User Interface

The MISO Market User Interface (MUI) allows Market Participants to transact with the MISO Energy and Ancillary Services Market.  As part of the larger MSE program, the MUI requires modernization to meet future performance, usability, reliability, and security needs.

MISO Model Manager

MISO Model Manager