Stakeholder Engagement

Who's Who in the Stakeholder Community?

Anyone and everyone interested in MISO is considered a stakeholder, but not all stakeholders are the same. Here's a brief overview of the different types of stakeholders who engage with MISO:


Eligible customers (non-transmission owners) and Transmission Owners who pay a non-refundable membership fee. Members have the right to cast votes in the stakeholder process and for the Board of Directors.

Sector Participants

Companies/individuals who meet eligibility criteria to participate in one of eleven defined industry sector groups. Sector representatives are able to vote on matters pertaining to the MISO grid.

Market Participants

Companies and/or individuals certified by MISO who participate in the MISO region energy markets. Market Participants do not vote in the stakeholder process.


Anyone with an interest in MISO!


Get Involved

There are a number of ways to engage with MISO. Our stakeholders include paying members, registered market participants, and qualified sector participants. You must meet eligibility requirements to join a group. We are here to help you figure out the right path to take!

Questions? Complete this form and we will contact you. 

Member eligibility requires you can be categorized as one of the following entities. 

  • Any electric utility (including any power marketer)
  • MISO Market Participant
  • Federal Power Marketing Agency
  • Any person generating electric Energy for sale or for resale
  • Any retail customer taking unbundled transmission service pursuant to a state requirement that a Transmission Owner or ITC Participant offer the transmission service.
  • Any retail customer taking unbundled transmission service pursuant to a voluntary offer of such service by a Transmission Owner or ITC Participant, that is an Eligible Customer under this
  • An entity that is required to be a MISO Member in order to qualify for certification as a Qualified Transmission Developer eligible to submit Proposals as part of MISO’s Competitive Developer Selection Process.

Eligible and ready to apply?

Application complete?  Send it to:

720 City Center Drive,
Carmel, IN  46032

Inquiries concerning potential Transmission-Owning membership may be directed to TOIntegrations.

Transmission Owners Agreement

Officially called “The Agreement of Transmission Facilities Owners to Organize the Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator, Inc., A Delaware Non-Stock Corporation ("MISO Agreement").”

Supplemental Agreement

This multi-party contract between the MISO, International Transmission Company (“ITC”) and each of the MISO Transmission Owners amends the Appendix I Agreement between ITC and the MISO.

Agency Agreement

By signing Appendix G of the MISO Agreement, Transmission Owning Members will authorize MISO to act as the agent in the performance of Tariff administrative duties related to "Non-transferred Transmission Facilities."

Amended Balancing Authority Agreement

This agreement, between the MISO and the MISO Local Balancing Authorities, resulted from negotiations regarding the establishment and implementation of the MISO Ancillary Services Markets.

Submit your application

720 City Center Drive, 
Carmel, IN  46032

MISO's stakeholder process includes eleven groups representing specific industry sectors. Each sector has its own eligibility and participation guidelines. Joining a sector group requires applying directly to the sector chairperson. 

Member Sectors

Competitive Transmission Developers
Sector Membership and Participation Guidelines
Board Approved Sector Bylaws
 Brenda Prokop

Coordinating Member

Sector Membership and Participation Guidelines

 Eric Souque
Eligible End-User Customers
Board Approved Sector Bylaws
Ken Stark

Independent Power Producers and Exempt Wholesale Generators (IPP)

Sector Membership and Participation Guidelines
Board Approved Sector Bylaws  

Travis Stewart

Municipals, Cooperatives, and Transmission
Dependent Utilities (Munis/Coops/TDUs)

Sector Membership and Participation Guidelines
Board Approved Sector Bylaws

Chris Plante

Power Marketers and Brokers (PM)

Board Approved Sector ByLaws

James Sorrels

Transmission Owners

Sector Membership and Participation Guidelines

Brian Drumm


Non-Member Sectors


Sector Membership and Participation Guidelines

Jonathan Fortner   

Environmental Groups

Board Approved Sector ByLaws

Beth Soholt

Public Consumer Advocates

Sector Membership and Participation Guidelines

John Liskey 

State Regulatory Authorities

Sector Membership and Participation Guidelines

Marcus Hawkins

As a Market Participant, your company becomes a legal entity certified by MISO to submit bids to purchase energy, submit offers to supply energy and operating reserve, hold financial transmission or auction revenue rights and other market-related activities.

First thing to do is make sure you are eligible to register.

The online Market Participant registration tool is only accessible through our secure Market Portal so you’ll need to complete a few steps before you can begin your registration. There are no application fees to become a Market Participant. However, you will incur costs when registering with OATI webRegistry, obtaining digital certificates, and posting collateral with MISO to meet your credit requirements.

Ready to start the registration process? We have the steps for you to follow on our Market Participation Registration page.