Competitive Transmission Administration

MISO administers the competitive selection process for the construction of eligible multi-value portfolio or market efficiency transmission projects. Following FERC and MISO Tariff rules, MISO issues a detailed request for proposals for a specific transmission project. MISO then considers the merits of each proposal and then awards the project to the developer most suited to the project. Competitive transmission projects tend to appear in states without right-of-first-refusal clauses for their transmission development. MISO accepts bids from companies certified as MISO Qualified Transmission Developers

Both transmission-owning and non-transmission owning members have an opportunity to become certified as a MISO Qualified Transmission Developer every quarter. The invitation opens the quarterly prequalification windows in January, April, July and October.

An Applicant must meet three criteria:

  1. Submit a completed Qualification Application.
  2. Submit a non-refundable $20,000 application fee. 
  3. Must be a MISO member  and be in good standing.

Certification requirements are located in Attachment FF Section VIII.B.4 of the MISO Tariff and Business Practices Manual 027. 

See the posted Pre-Qualification Invitation for additional information for completing the prequalification process.   

See documents below.

Qualified Transmission Developers that intend to remain qualified must recertify with MISO every two years. Transmission Developer Applicants and Qualified Transmission Developers have an ongoing duty to provide an update to MISO as soon as reasonably practical upon occurrence of any of the changes specified in Section VIII.B.3.1 of Attachment FF to the MISO Tariff.

Also, on an annual basis, as specified in Section 3.2 of BPM 027, each Qualified Transmission Developer is to supply MISO with a copy of, or link to, their audited financial statements within thirty (30) calendar days of statement preparation.  Notifications will be sent to each Qualified Transmission Developer that is required to recertify its qualification status before July 15, in the year prior to the year in which a Qualified Transmission Developer is due for recertification.

See documents below.

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