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Committees (Closed)

Required: CEII NDA, Universal NDA (UNDA) - Appendix A, RA Approval

  • BAC - Closed (RA Approval Not Needed)
  • EOP Workshops - Closed
  • OPSUG - Closed
  • ROWG - Closed
  • TOCTT - Closed

Flowgate Information

Required: CEII NDA, Universal NDA (UNDA) - Appendix A

  • MISO Master Flowgate List (MFGL)
  • Flowgate ID
  • Control Area
  • Monitored Elements
  • Ratings / Owners

GI Facilities Studies

Required: CEII NDA, Universal NDA (UNDA) - Appendix A

  • Power Flow Studies
  • Stability Studies
  • Short circuit Impact Studies
  • Estimated Facility Costs
  • Estimated In-Service Schedules


Required: Universal NDA (UNDA) - Appendix A

  • AFC Models
  • CTGS
  • EMS Models
  • EMS Web Modeling Tool
  • FTR Models
  • IDC Models and EMS-IDC Mapping
  • Model On Demand Base Case (CEII NDA is also required)
  • Network and Commercial Models
  • SE Models

PSR Drills

Required: CEII NDA

  • PSR Guidelines
  • Checklist
  • Restoration Tracking

Reliability Authority (RA)

Required: CEII NDA, Universal NDA (UNDA) - Appendix A, RA Approval

  • Available Flowgate Capability
  • EMS Models
  • Planning Authority
  • Reliability Coordination