MISO prepares interns for future roles by providing meaningful, immersive work which directly impacts MISO's business. As the energy industry evolves, we need a group of bright, motivated, diverse problem solvers.

Things to Know

Here are a few reasons why the MISO internship program is special:

The work we do directly impacts our society.

MISO is charged with keeping the lights on and the power flowing for 45 million people across 15 states. Our interns work on real-world projects that support the critical work we do. When they leave, we utilize the amazing work and pivotal projects they put in motion.

Looking for an internship that directly impacts our way of life and contributes to society? This is it.  

World-class challenges

The electric grid is undergoing a transformation bigger than what's ever been seen before. We are seeing more green energy, less fossil fuels, the electrification of the U.S. and an increase in severe weather impacting the grid. These factors combined require the best and brightest minds to produce world-class solutions. Our interns bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas that are critical to tackling these challenges. You won't be bored looking for things to do here.

It's about more than the work...

MISO's culture isn't about the work. It's about the people. This is a place where we strive to hear all voices, consider all ideas and collaborate on solutions. It's a place where we value our people, promote idea sharing and prioritize community. From day one, MISO interns are welcomed into the MISO family. We have a Buddy program, a mentor per team and managers on hand to support interns however they need. Our team members will make you feel like a co-worker, not an intern.

MISO's internship program will push you in all sorts of new directions. Along with the important work they do, we make sure interns can meet and talk with executives, attend community service events and more. Interns can also partner with recruiters to prepare for the next step after graduation, even if they don't plan on returning to MISO.

The goal of our internship program is for you to not only learn about MISO and the electric industry--we want you to learn about yourself, your strengths and career interests. We do our best to prepare you for whatever industry you join after graduating.

It's fun!

We think working at MISO is fun and want to show you that side of our culture. Come join us!

1. What is the application and interview process? 
Internship positions are posted on MISO's website from August through fall. This is also when our team attends career fairs. We post a list of dates and colleges we plan to visit so keep an eye out for it. Once we have our pool of candidates, MISO recruiters contact qualified applicants for an intial phone interview and schedule video interviews between October and December. Students who accept an official offer will begin their internship in late May.

2. Do I need relevant experience to apply? Relevant work experience is not required but is certainly helpful to make an applicant stand out. 

3. Is there a minimum GPA requirement? There is no minimum GPA required to apply for MISO internships. 

4. What majors are eligible to apply? All majors are encouraged to apply. MISO offers internships in IT, engineering, marketing, corporate communications, finance, human resources, legal, cyber security, data and computer science and several other fields. See if you meet the criteria for a role in its job description.

5. Are international students eligible to apply? MISO is unable to sponsor international students. 

6. Do all three MISO locations accept interns? Yes, interns may apply for a position in Indiana, Minnesota or Arkansas. 

7. What Universities do your interns come from?  MISO has had interns from universities across the U.S. 

College Grid

1. Where do interns live? When possible, MISO provides local housing for interns in each location as needed.

2. How many other interns are there? MISO has over 30 interns each year. There are several opportunities, both at the office and outside of work, to get to know your fellow intern class. 

3. Are interns compensated? MISO offers travel accommodations for non-local students and competitive pay for all interns.

4. How many hours do interns work? Interns are able to work a maximum of 40 hours per week.

5. How long does the internship program last? The program begins in late May and ends in early August.

6. What type of work are interns given? MISO interns are given real world work experience. They are immediately immersed into the culture of the business, provided with tools and mentors to help them succeed. Interns have the opportunity to work on projects that have a lasting impact on the organization.

7. I still have more questions, who do I contact? Please contact MISO’s leader of internship coordination with any more questions.



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New college graduates with fresh perspectives are urged to apply for full-time opportunities.

What to Expect

MISO's interns are valued members of the team. Instead of spending all summer making copies and getting coffee, interns are given work that contributes to the company's overall goals. At the end of the summer, interns will have the opportunity to present their work to executives and employees across the company.  Each intern will work around 40 hours each week from late May to early August. Interns are given projects that help develop their skills through real world experience.

Intern to Full-time Employee

Some of our most successful employees first joined MISO's team as interns. By giving our interns meaningful tasks, we are able to gauge if they are the right fit for MISO. At the same time, the hands-on experience allows our interns to decide if MISO is the right fit for them. It is common for MISO to offer interns full-time positions upon completing their degrees. And it is important to know, MISO's internship program aims to prepare all interns for full-time roles, wherever they choose to go next. 

Michael Jefferson


Professional Development

One of the most important goals of our internship program is to shape students into well-rounded professionals who are prepared to enter the workforce.  Interns are exposed to several resources and mentors to nurture their professional success. There are multiple training opportunities during the experience, covering topics such as how to best communicate professionally, financial wellness and the importance of personal branding.


MISO connects each intern with a team of employees to make their experience successful. Interns not only have their own managers to meet with, but they are also given a mentor in their department to help answer day-to-day questions.  Each intern also participates in the Buddy Program, partnering with an employee outside of their department to serve as a "coach" and MISO guide. Buddies introduce interns to new sides of the business for a better overall understanding of the company.

Kyle J