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Reliability Operating Procedures

As a Reliability Coordinator (RC) and Regional Transmission Organization (RTO), MISO ensures real-time operating reliability of the interconnected bulk electric system (BES) within the MISO reliability footprint and standardized operating procedures help us do this. 

Members and market participants play an important role in the ongoing development, review and updating of public and protected operating procedures. This helps ensure that everyone understands and follows appropriate and consistent steps when managing or mitigating normal, abnormal and emergency events on the BES.

For help finding or accessing a Reliability Operating Procedure, please email the Real-Time Operations - Procedure Team.

 Protected Procedures (Semi-Public)

To access semi-public or protected procedures, log on to the MISO Extranet.

Temporary or Interim Operating Procedures

Temporary or Interim Operating Procedures must be implemented immediately or quickly enough to make the normal, controlled review and release process unfeasible. Therefore, we initiate review of these procedures in parallel with their posting. These procedures may be publicly available, protected or confidential, depending upon their nature.