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Fuel Mix

This chart represents the percentage of total megawatts supplied by the listed resources in the MISO footprint.  The category listed as "Other" is the combination of Hydro, Pumped Storage Hydro, Diesel, Demand Response Resources, External Asynchronous Resources and a varied assortment of solid waster, garbage and wood pulp burners.  This chart is updated every 5 minutes.

Supply & Demand

This chart is a graphical representation of MISO's power supply (capacity) and demand using Real-Time actuals (solid lines) and the forecasted supply (capacity) and demand (dotted lines). Committed capacity includes generating units based on latest commitment plan, as well as forecasted wind and solar generation output and Net Schedule Interchange.  It does not include capacity that may not be delivered due to transmission congestion.  Available Capacity represents additional economic generation resources available to come on-line if needed. 


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