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MISO has an imperative to grow and adapt in response to industry transformation and its members’ evolving needs, driven largely by decarbonization of the electric sector. MISO’s Reliability Imperative Report explains the ramification of these changes across MISO and the far-reaching efforts underway to prepare the organization to meet its members’ needs and fulfill its mission of providing reliability and efficient operations. In prior MISO Forward reports, MISO explored these industry trends in detail and the specific areas it must focus its efforts under the Reliability Imperative.  In the 2021 Forward report, MISO explores one major driver of member decarbonization goals, customer preference, and how the rapid growth of decarbonization goals by MISO members creates additional needs and opportunities for MISO to provide value.

Following the 2020 MISO Forward Report, we explored four key topics that can help unlock the value of the diversity of utilities of the future: establishing future reliability criteria, redefining markets, updating the investment approach for transmission and enhancing communication and coordination.  For 2021, MISO continues its focus on member needs by gathering insights on how adjacent industries are changing how they interact with the energy ecosystem.  Electrification, sophisticated demand response, and increased bi-directional power flows are some of these changes.  What does this mean to MISO’s members? How can MISO leverage these insights to better serve its membership?