Distributed Energy Resources (DER)

Mission Statement

DER growth poses a host of new and significant challenges for the electricity system in the MISO region.  These challenges span the realms of reliable operations, efficient markets and forward-looking resource planning.  DERs also pose jurisdictional issues at the interface of the MISO-managed, high-voltage transmission system and state-regulated, lower-voltage distribution systems.

The current processes for existing DER such as demand response and load modifying resources may also need to evolve in the future.

Consistent with its vision to be the most reliable, value-creating RTO, MISO must continue to enable reliable operations by coordinating across the transmission and distribution interface.

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DER Strategy

  • Ensure
    Mitigate the risk of unintended impacts from DER growth, while maintaining the reliability of the electrical grid.

  • Enhance
    Improve approaches for managing the grid by updating the current processes for existing DERs such as Demand Response (DR).  Aggregators of Retail Customers (ARC), and Load Modifying Resources (LMR).  Jointly investigate communication and visibility needs and improvements for system operation.

  • Enable
    Identify ways to enable the capabilities of DERs to support grid reliability and participate in wholesale markets.

Five-Year Outcomes

  • Planning and modeling processes will incorporate DER growth.
  • Communication , coordination, tools, and processes will enable operations to receive the DER (including demand response) data they need for situational awareness to reliably and efficiently operate.
  • Markets and settlements will enable the effective participation of DERs for the services they can provide, including potential load-shaping.