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Economic Planning

MISO's economic planning process helps develop transmission plans that offer MISO customers better access to the lowest electric energy costs. Utilizing a regional perspective, MISO and stakeholders identify near-term transmission issues, long-term economic opportunities and new network upgrades to enhance overall efficiency. Project solutions studied in the economic planning process are evaluated for economic benefit based on the adjusted production cost (APC) savings. For details on the planning process and APC methodology, see the related documents below. 

The principal economic study is the Market Congestion Planning Study (MCPS), performed annually. MCPS evaluates a variety of transmission needs and solutions in multiple phases with both economic and reliability robustness considerations.

  • Project candidate identification: screening analysis for solution ideas with highest potential
  • Economic evaluation: evaluate project candidates over multiple years and futures to assess robustness
  • Reliability analyses: ensure the projects do not degrade system reliability 

Using this approach, optimal economic transmission upgrades (best-fit solutions) are identifies to address market congestion. The solutions may be either cost shareable or non-cost shareable projects.

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 September 2018

Post base model for stakeholder review (no futures)

 November 2018

Post Model for stakeholder review (with futures)

 December 2018

Post final model

Present top congested flowgate list and start MTEP19 MCPS

March 2019

Solution window closes, start testing projects

 May 2019

Present passing projects and start robustness testing

 August 2019

Make project recommendations

Previously Approved Market Efficiency Projects (MEPs)

  • Duff-Coleman 345 kV (MTEP15)
  • Huntley-Wilmarth 345 kV (MTEP16)
  • Hartburg-Sabine 500kv (MTEP 17

For schedule and status updates of each MEP, refer to the Regionally Cost Allocated Project Update section on the MTEP Quarterly Status Report  page. 

For MEPs that qualify for competitive development, follow the developer selection process on the Competitive Transmission Administration page.