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MTEP 2018

We began the 2018 MISO Transmission Expansion Planning Report (MTEP18), in 2017 when stakeholders first submitted proposed transmission projects. MISO engineers and stakeholders continue to evaluate each proposed project to determine whether the project is appropriate for inclusion in MTEP18.

Transmission studies, featuring robust reliability and economic analyses, help MISO members make prudent planning and investment decisions to continue delivering reliable, least-cost energy. Reliability projects, including age and condition upgrades, a vital part of MTEP planning, account for the majority of all recommended projects. 

MISO's Board of Directors considers approval of the MTEP report during its final meeting in December each year. Each MTEP report also includes the status previously-approved MTEP projects and chapters about recent and current transmission planning studies and findings. 


This section provides an overview of MTEP18 project proposals and a status of projects approved in prior MTEP cycles.  The 442 new Appendix A projects in MISO's 2018 Transmission Expansion Plan (MTEP18) represent $3.3 billion in transmission infrastructure investment and fall into the following categories:

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Resource Adequacy requires enough capacity be available to meet the needs of all consumers in the MISO footprint to meet peak load serving needs.  To achieve this, MISO supports its states and load-serving entities by providing projected risks and continuously works to improve transparency into near and long-term requirements.

A convergence of trends, including an aging generation fleet and growth of variable energy resources, has required MISO to look at existing processes to support states' and load-serving entities' efforts to satisfy their Resource Adequacy requirements.  Improvements in MISO processes will benefit the system through ensuring sufficient energy is able to meet operations needs in all times of the year.

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MISO's generation fleet continues to evolve, and MISO is studying the impacts of increasing levels of renewable resources on the system.  MISO also continues to follow federal and state policy as well as monitor industry trends.  Additionally, interregional planning is critical to maximize the overall value of the transmission system and deliver savings for customers.

Interregional studies conducted jointly with MISO's neighboring planning regions are based on an annual review of transmission issues at the seams.  Depending on the outcome of those reviews, studies are scoped out and performed.

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The MISO footprint is not a monolithic area, but a dynamic region made up of different geographies, different generation mixes, varied pricing and conditions that affect load.  With its 50 Transmission Owner members, MISO has more than $37.9 billion in transmission assets under its functional control.   This section presents additional regional energy information to show a more complete picture of the regional energy system.  

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The 442 new Appendix A projects in MISO's 2018 Transmission Expansion Plan (MTEP18) represent $3.3 billion in transmission infrastructure investment.  Confidential appendices such as D3 through D10 will be available by the final draft report of the MISO MTEP18 Planning Portal.  Access to the Planning Portal site requires an ID and password.

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