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GI Online Application Guide Available

The Generator Interconnection Online Application Guide is now available in the MISO Customer Learning Center.  Please view instructions on how to access the training.

GI Application Deadline

DPP-2020-Cycle 1 Application Deadline: June 25, 2020*

Scheduled DPP Phase Start Date: September 23, 2020 (At least ninety (90) Calendar Days after the Application Deadline).

For the Estimated and Actual DPP Phase Start Dates by Study Area

For all DPP 2020 Cycle 1 groups where the actual DPP Start Date is 90 days after the application deadline, ICs are required to provide their Site Control documentation by the application deadline.

*The former deadline of April 27, 2020 was updated on January 30, 2020

MISO provides generators reliable, non-discriminatory access to the electric transmission system. Follow these steps to connect a generator to the transmission system. If you need help, contact our Generator Interconnection Team

Initiate a GI Request

The generator interconnection application requires detailed technical data and information about your Generation Interconnection (GI) Project. MISO suggests gathering all required information before you begin to complete the electronic form. The application is comprehensive and may feel time-consuming, however compiling Appendix 1 and all required data now will enable you to meet upcoming milestones and deadlines as your project advances through the Definitive Planning Phases.

Prior to beginning your application process, consider attending a Queue Process Workshop to gain understanding of the MISO Generator Interconnection Process.  The Queue Process Workshop, provided by MISO at no cost, is available to anyone interested in the Generator Interconnection Process. As an Interconnection Customer, you have the opportunity to fill out an Ad Hoc Meeting request to discuss your potential Point of Interconnection and other issues concerning your Generation Interconnection Project with the Transmission Owner. Ad Hoc Meeting Request

A completed application includes electronic copies of each of the following items emailed to the Generator Interconnection team.

Please note, you cannot save an in-progress form and return to it later.

  1.  A fully executed copy of Appendix 1: Application for Generator Interconnection and Attachments
  2. All M1 technical milestones as outlined in Generator Interconnection Process Flow Diagram. Interconnection Customer can use the Application Checklist as a guide for providing all required data.  
  3. Required cash deposits made out to MISO.  A non-refundable application fee of $5,000 and a D2 deposit to fund the three DPP System Impact Studies and Facilities Study. MISO Wiring Instructions Payment Submittal Example
  4. M2 Milestone of $4,000 per MW studied (Cash or Irrevocable Letter of Credit). Letter of Credit Template 
  5. Demonstration  of Site Control is required at least ninety (90) Calendar Days prior to the kick-off of DPP Phase I.

For ICs requesting an informational study to aid in making project business decisions, see Appendix 5 of Attachment X for an Optional Study.  Optional studies will be performed based on assumptions outlined by the IC and the results of such informational studies will be non-binding

GI Procedures and Requirements