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Last Modified - 07/19/2022

Enhancements for Long-Lead Units and Self-Commitments (fka Exploration of a Forward Market Mechanism IR085) MSC-2020-5

2020 2021 2022
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This is an umbrella project with multiple potential options to address enhancements for the efficient use of long lead units and self commitments in the timeframe beyond the day ahead market -- so days 2+.

MISO decided to not pursue an explicit forward market mechanism, which is why the project title changed. This project is focused on resolving the same underlying inefficiencies an extended forward market was intended to address but with more incremental and less complex solutions.

Existing issue IDs that fall within this analysis include:

- MSC008 - Multi-Day Operating Margin Forecast

- MSC010 - Allow Min Run Time Operating Parameter to Exceed 24 Hours

IR031 - Multi-Day Market Forecast (this project was related to the Forward Market Mechanism and has been retired)

The umbrella version of this issue was submitted by MISO in 2020. 


(formerly IR085)


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