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Last Modified - 02/14/2022

Allow Minimum Run Time Operating Parameter to Exceed 24 Hours (fka MSC010) MSC-2020-10


This issue is being addressed as a potential solution in . To reduce confusion, this issue has been "Closed" while it is being managed through IR085. It will be "re-opened" if MISO moves forward with this solution on a different timeline than other components of IR085. Please track project updates and progress via IR085.


As submitted by Xcel Energy: MISO currently limits the Minimum Run Time Offer Parameter to 24 hours or less. Yet some units need to run for more than 24 hours to stay in compliance with environmental restrictions or other operating issues. Historically, most Generator Owners/Operators have self-committed units with this requirement so a capped Minimum Run Time Offer Parameter was not critical. However, now that some units are nearing retirement, they could be offered economically to optimize their remaining life. To ensure that actual operational requirements are reflected in the offers, the Minimum Run Time operating parameter should be allowed to exceed 24 hours.

Other ISOs/RTOs that currently allow their Minimum Run Time operating parameter to exceed 24 hours include SPP and CAISO.

(formerly MSC010)


This is a sub-issue of IR085 - Enhancements for Long-Lead Units and Self-Commitments . It is being tracked separately because, if acted upon, the implementation timeline may be different from that of IR085. 


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