MTEP Studies 

MISO performs rigorous studies to facilitate our reliable and economic transmission planning process. Learn more about our current studies below, or visit the Study Repository for historic studies.

Active Project List

Our MTEP18 Active Project List  indicates transmission projects under evaluation for approval during the current MTEP cycle via the Sub Regional Planning Meeting process, as well as projects in early stages of planning process.

MTEP Project Submittal

Please provide updates to the MISO Project Database using the MTEP Planning Portal web tool.  The MTEP Planning Portal has replaced the previously used Project DB Excel spreadsheet exchange process.  Additional details, including access instructions and links to training materials, can be viewed here: MTEP Submittal Instructions.

The classic Project Reporting Forms will remain available for use in case of technical difficulties or MTEP Portal access issues.  Market Participants who wish to submit a Market Participant Funded Project (MPFP) proposal should use the form and instructions at the bottom of the page.

Please review MTEP Information Exchange Schedule & Requirements below and contact Joseph Dunn with any questions or access issues. 

MTEP Study Information

Get quick access to the up-to-date status on active projects and cost allocation estimates for approved cost shared projects, including those from current and past planning cycles.

MTEP Status Report Dashboard   
In-service Project Reports for all previously approved MTEPs
MTEP Appendix A Quarterly Status Reports
Post-MTEP15 Regionally Cost Allocated Project Quarterly Reports  

Schedule 26 and 26-A Indicative Rate Reporting

MISO produces indicative forecasts of Schedule 26 and 26-A annual charges (by MISO Pricing Zone) for cost shared projects approved in the MTEP. These reports are typically updated twice a year in March and August. The posted reports reflect the latest FERC approved ROE value of 10.32% (plus any applicable adders). Prospective changes to the ROE value will be applied only to reports produced after the respective FERC order(s) become effective. Values should not be relied upon for settlement or ratemaking purposes and are subject to change. 
Indicative annual charges for approved BRP, GIP, and MEP (Schedule 26)
Indicative annual charges for approved Multi Value Projects (Schedule 26-A)

Issues tracking log

At the end of every planning cycle, issues are identified by stakeholders to improve the overall MTEP study process.  These issues are documented here, so progress towards resolving them may be tracked.

There are no current issues to track.

Near and Long-term Reliability Analysis

Each year we perform an assessment to ensure continued system reliability. This assessment includes a complete evaluation of the transmission system against all reliability standards and requirements. The analysis includes the following components:

Long-term Resource Assessment

In addition to the transmission system assessment, we also perform a long-term forecast of resource adequacy based on projections of future generation and load. The results of this study are contained in the Long-Term Resource Assessment.

Manitoba Hydro Wind Synergy Study

This study compares two transmission expansion options that could facilitate the incorporation of new and existing hydro facilities located in the Manitoba Hydro service territory with the current and planned wind generation in the remaining MISO footprint. The results of this study may warrant project recommendations in Appendix B of MTEP13.

Manitoba Hydro Wind Synergy Study Report
Manitoba Hydro Wind Synergy Study Meetings

Market Congestion Planning Study (MCPS)

Expanded from the former Top Congested Flowgate Study (TCFS), the MCPS seeks to identify and evaluate transmission projects/portfolios within the MISO footprint and on the seams.  This new process considers local flowgate specific congestion mitigation solutions (bottom-up) and larger scale projects/portfolios (top-down) on a regional basis to produce more efficient and cost effective projects and portfolios.

MISO North-Central Market Congestion Planning Study - 2014
Market Efficiency Planning Study Report DRAFT - 2013
Top Congested Flowgate Study Report - 2012
MEP Study Meetings
MEP Study Materials 

Market Efficiency Planning Study — South Region

The Southern Region Market Efficiency Planning Study aligns newly integrating members with the MTEP14 economic planning process.  This study incorporates stakeholder informed futures, capacity expansion analysis, model building, and economic analysis. This project may result in the recommendation of economically justified projects for approval in MTEP14 or the determination of economic opportunities or project ideas for further planning cycles.

Post MTEP14, the Southern Region will be included in the regular economic planning process.

MEP - South Region Meetings
MEP - South Region Materials
Forecasted LMPs by South Region Futures

Northern Area Study

Through the Northern Area Study we evaluate the reliability and economics of proposed transmission and generation alternatives across the northern portion of the MISO footprint. Stakeholders help shape, inform and review our analysis through the Northern Area Study Technical Review Group.

Northern Area Study Report

Expedited Project Review Studies

Some circumstances require projects to be approved prior to the next annual MTEP cycle. Transmission Owners may justify an Expedited Project Review (EPR) study if it will help drive a timely response to significant load additions or other new system needs that require budgeting, regulatory milestones, construction and other project development support prior to approval of the next MTEP.

Request an Expedited Project Review Study 
Current Expedited Project Review Requests

Study Participation

We facilitate sub-regional planning meetings (SPM) to encourage an open and transparent planning process, and in keeping with FERC Order 890, Attachment K.  We encourage stakeholders to participate in discussions on planning issues, proposals and projects that may result in transmission expansion.

If you are a transmission owner, transmission customer or market participant who would like to participate in the annual planning process, use the resources below or contact us for more information.

Planning Advisory Committee
Planning Subcommittee
Sub-regional Planning Meetings 

Market Participant Funded Projects (MPFP)

The annual MTEP planning cycle is intended to provide an orderly and efficient holistic, open, and transparent expansion planning process that establishes the transmission expansion needs for the MISO system. To this extent, all proposed Market Participant Funded Projects shall be submitted using the attached proposal form below. 

Submit a Market Participant Funded Project  
Current Market Participant Funded Project Proposals