We began the 2016 MISO Transmission Expansion Planning report  - MTEP16 - in 2015 when stakeholders submitted proposed transmission projects. Each project undergoes extensive evaluation and stakeholder review to determine whether the project is appropriate for inclusion in MTEP16. MISO’s Board of Directors considers approval of the MTEP reports during its December meetings. Also included in each MTEP report are the status of previously-approved MTEP projects and chapters about recent and current transmission planning studies and findings.

MTEP16 Report Files

Full Report
Executive Summary
Book 1 - Transmission Studies
Book 2 - Resource Adequacy
Book 3 - Policy Landscape
Book 4 - Regional Energy Information

Appendix AB
Appendix D1 Central
Appendix D1 East
Appendix D1 South
Appendix D1 West
Appendix E2 EGEAS Assumptions
MTEP16 Appendix F Substantive Comments

Expedited Project Review

Some circumstances require project approval prior to the next annual MTEP cycle. Transmission Owners may justify an out-of-cycle (OOC) study if it will help drive a timely response to significant load additions or other new system needs that require budgeting, regulatory milestones, construction and other project development support prior to approval of the next MTEP. 

Expedited Project Review

MTEP16 Stakeholder Involvement

Planning study reviews and discussions occur in several stakeholder forums, including the Planning Advisory Committee, Planning Subcommittee, and the Sub-Regional Planning Meetings