Each year, MISO and its members report the outcome of annual planning cycles to the MISO Board of Directors, resulting in the annual MISO Transmission Expansion Planning (MTEP) report.

The project information exchange cycle starts when stakeholders submit newly proposed projects, usually in early September. MISO evaluates these projects for inclusion in the MTEP Report, then by the following September, MISO submits a proposed MTEP Report to its MISO Board. Generally, the Board returns with its approval in December.

MTEP11 Report Schedule

MTEP11 Fall Report

View report findings or get the status of active projects from current and past planning cycles:

MTEP11 Report
MTEP11 Appendices ABC
MTEP11 Appendices

MTEP 2011 Fall Report Sections

  • 1.0 Executive Summary
    Summarizes the MISO Transmission Expansion Plan (MTEP), including information about transmission investments, cost allocation, system reliability and impacts of policy changes.
  • 2.0 Overview
    Defines planned and proposed transmission projects, cost allocation and the economic benefits of transmission projects.
  • 3.0 Historical MTEP Status
    Provides an update on the implementation of projects approved by the Board of Directors at the end of the previous MTEP cycle.
  • 4.0 Regional Energy Policy Studies
    Summarizes of MISO’s  efforts to evaluate the impacts of new policies and emerging technologies. This section includes summaries of the proposed Multi Value Project portfolio and its benefits, analyses on the impacts of the proposed U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regulations, and discussion on the development of models to reflect future policy scenarios.
  • 5.0 MISO Resource Assessment
    Contains comparisons and analyses of the current supply and demand with forecasted load and generation.
  • 6.0 Near and Long-term Reliability Analysis
    Describes the reliability analyses performed and their associated mitigation plans.

MTEP11 Spring Report