Resource Adequacy 

MISO’s Resource Adequacy construct provides forward transparent capacity pricing signals, recognizes congestion that limits aggregate deliverability, and complements state resource planning processes. This construct creates opportunities for all resources to supply energy based on aligned regulations and provides for efficient market outcomes across MISO’s seams.

Resource Adequacy Timeline (pdf)
Resource Adequacy Calendar

Learn more about the studies we conduct to facilitate resource adequacy.

Module E Capacity Tracking Tool (MECT)

Market Participants submit demand forecast information, qualify resources, and transact and designate capacity to meet their Planning Reserve Margin Requirements using the MECT.  

Module E Capacity Tracking Tool
Module E Capacity Tracking Tool User’s Guide

 Planning Resource Auction (PRA)

This voluntary annual capacity auction allows Market Participants to achieve resource adequacy more economically and its enhanced market-based design allows for greater transparency. The location-specific approach used in the PRA provides efficient price signals to encourage the appropriate resources to participate in the locations where they provide the most benefit.  This methodology creates a variety of options for Load Serving Entities (“LSEs”) to obtain the resources required to meet their Planning Reserve Margin Requirement, including Fixed Resource Adequacy Plans, bilateral transactions, self-scheduling, capacity deficiency payments, and auction purchases.

Auction Results and Summaries
EFORd Class Averages
Peak Dates and Times