Wholesale market participants and, ultimately, energy consumers, benefit from MISO’s coordination of short and long-term planning. Using advanced modeling and thorough research, we help ensure reliable and efficient electricity transmission in our footprint and beyond. We follow planning principles detailed by FERC in Order 890 for a regional process that is open, transparent, coordinated and equitable. 

Monthly Transmission Planning Reports

Featured Study: MTEP

Click on the image to view the Introduction of MTEP video Effective planning for transmission and generation needs must balance system reliability, market efficiency, and state and federal energy policies. MISO Transmission Expansion Plan (MTEP) identifies issues and opportunities, develops alternatives for consideration, and evaluates those options to determine effectve transmission solutions.

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MTEP Studies

Planning Committees and Groups 

To facilitate collaboration, MISO staff, transmission owner representatives, stakeholder entities and policy makers participate in or contribute to the planning processes. Key forums include:

EPA Compliance Solutions 

Featured Study-RGOS

MISO’s efforts to ensure reliability in the face of a transitioning electric generation fleet are partly being driven by fast-approaching EPA regulation compliance targets on power plant emissions.

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Planning Principles and Processes 

As the NERC Planning Authority for our member footprint, MISO adheres to FERC Order 890 and other guiding principles for its planning processes.

FERC Order 1000
FERC Order 890 Fact Sheet
Market-Based Rates Process and Data
Planning Guidelines
Transmission Owner Planning Criteria
State and Local Procedural Requirements
Reliability Coordination with PJM and TVA