Long-Term Transmission Service 

MISO serves as a transparent and neutral facilitator for transmission service planning, resulting in fair and open access to the region’s transmission system.

MISO’s Market Participants and transmission customers may request long-term firm transmission service (one year or longer) on MISO’s OASIS. The Transmission Service Planning Group reviews all long term firm transmission service requests and notifies customers about their preliminary disposition.  

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Reports and Studies

Studies help MISO determine whether new long-term firm transmission services requests will cause new constraints or aggravate existing constraints on the MISO’s transmission system or non-MISO transmission systems. Requests that undergo System Impact Studies or Facilities studies have corresponding reports posted on MISO’s OASIS.

System Impact Studies (SIS)

System Impact Study reports provide detailed analysis of the impact of the requested service on MISO and non-MISO transmission systems as well as potential upgrade options and estimates of their associated costs.

 Facility Studies

Customers who want to pursue a transmission service request after seeing the results of the System Impact Study may require a Facility Study. During this stage, customers get more accurate cost estimates and schedules for finishing the transmission upgrades.

Transmission Service Requests

Module B of the ASM Tariff provides primary terms and conditions for point-to-point transmission (PTP) service and network integration transmission service (NITS). This and other Tariff attachments and schedules, as well as related business practices manuals (BPMs), guide MISO’s processes for analyzing, approving and rejecting transmission service requests. Easily navigate these Tariff parts using the links below or the eTariff application.

Module B - Transmission Service (pdf)
Transmission providers will find an outline of their responsibilities, and transmission customers will find prerequisites for requesting transmission service, including FERC Order 890 compliance information.

BPM 020 - Processes, Procedures and Models (zip)
Section 5 officially describes the business practices and procedures used to evaluate long-term firm transmission service requests (one year or longer).

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Independent Coordinator of Transmission (ICT)

Entergy Transmission Service Request Queue (xlsx) Information and material for transmission service requests currently active in the Entergy long term transmission service queue.  

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