Requests and Application 

To initiate an interconnection request, complete and submit the forms, fees and deposits listed below. If you think your study varies from these standard study procedures, for example due to a group study or interconnection re-study, access Attachment X (see Appendix 5).

The Application for Generator Interconnection asks for detailed technical data and information, so we suggest you gather everything required before you begin filling out the electronic form. You cannot save an in-progress form and return to it later. Although the application may feel time-consuming, compiling Appendix 1 and M1 data now will help you meet upcoming milestones and deadlines.

A completed application will include electronic copies of each of the following items
emailed to the Generator Interconnection team:

  1. A signed, copy of Appendix 1: Application for Generator Interconnection and Attachments.
  2. All M1 technical milestones as outlined in Generator Interconnection Process Flow Diagram 
  3. A non-refundable application fee of $5,000 made out to MISO. A D2 deposit to fund the three DPP System Impact Studies and Facilities Study.
  4. Demonstration of at least 75% of site control OR an additional $100,000 deposit made out to MISO.  At least 75% of site control must be demonstrated prior to entering DPP Phase 3.

MISO will assign an initial queue position to your request based on the date and time that MISO receives and validates your generation interconnection request. To qualify for the next Definitive Planning Phase study, MISO must receive the completed application, D1, D2 and M2 at least 45 calendar days before the Definitive Planning Phase study starts.

Next Steps

Learn what happens when a request enters the queue for study and analysis.

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