Procedures and Requirements 

To ensure a smooth application process, please review the following policies, procedures and timelines for having your generator interconnection request added to MISO's queue, all of MISO’s active queue projects comply with the approved Queue Reform Tariff filing.

Start the application process
Completed the Ad-hoc Information Session Request Form

Procedures, Deadlines and Milestones

Get step-by-step guidance for making a generator interconnection request and completing the application. Start by downloading these quick-reference documents and/or learn about the phase-by-phase process below.

Study Calendar (pdf)
GI Process Flow Diagram (pdf)
Generator Interconnection Procedures Customer Checklist (xls)
Generator Interconnection Application (pdf)
Definitive Planning Phase Schedule Updates (pdf)

Studies and Analyses

Once you have submitted a complete application for generator interconnection, your request will enter MISO's queue. The queue process includes the following studies and analyses.

Definitive Planning Phase (DPP)

Within the DPP, there are three phases and two Decision Points; however, customers must provide M1 and M2 milestones and D1 and D2 study deposits at least 45 calendar days before the start of the next DPP.  MISO will utilize reasonable efforts to complete the DPP System Impact study and the Facility studies in ~490 calendar days.

  • Phase 1
    Preliminary SIS, Decision Point 1.  Estimated time of completion for these studies is 140 days.
  • Phase 2
    Revised DPP SIS and Interconnection Facilities FS, Decision Point 2. Estimated time of completion for these studies is 75 days.
  • Phase 3
    Final DPP SIS and Network Upgrade Facilities Study.  Estimated time of completion for these studies is 135 days.
  • Generator Interconnection Agreement (GIA)
    Facilities Study review.  Tender Draft GIA, IC/TO Execute GIA.  Estimated time of completion is 150 days.  Upon receiving the final GIA, customers must provide the following milestones:
    • Evidence of achieving one or more pro forma
    • Appendix B milestones in Attachment X of the Tariff
    • Initial GIA milestone payment to the transmission owner within thirty calendar days
    • Reasonable evidence of continued site control

Optional Studies

You may request an optional study to get sensitivity analysis and cost estimates for providing transmission service or interconnection service. The study will identify all of a transmission owner’s interconnection facilities, system protection facilities, distribution upgrades, generator upgrades, common-use upgrades and network upgrades.

MISO conducts optional studies in parallel with interconnection requests or on a stand-alone basis. To initiate an optional study, please provide MISO with:


Provisional Studies

You may request a Provisional Study during DPP Phase 1 or at any time the SPP is more than 6 months behind schedule.

MISO conducts Provisional Studies to offer conditional ERIS to the customer prior to the completion on the Network Upgrades.


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