Generator Interconnection 

MISO provides safe, reliable, equal and non-discriminatory access to the electric transmission system for generator interconnection projects.  We are committed to helping current and future interconnection customers navigate the interconnection study process.

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Queue Policies and Procedures

Interconnection Procedures and Requirements
Find procedures, deadlines, milestones, deposits and answers to frequently asked questions.

Requests and Application
Initiate an interconnection request by completing the forms and following the outlined procedures.

Ad Hoc Requests and Queue Process Workshops  Get help with the application process or answers to your unique project questions. Check back here for information about upcoming queue process workshop dates.

Generator Interconnection Queue Projects

 Interactive Queue
Use this interactive tool to find information about all projects in MISO's queue. Query options include project state, size, fuel type and more.

Queue Maps
See the locations of available transmission capacity and large-scale projects on these informational maps.

Studies, Tests, and Policy Statements 
Review the most recent information on active generator interconnection studies, deliverability tests, transition results, policy statements and more to help with your understanding of the Generation Interconnection Queue.

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