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Planning for Transmission and Generation

MISO's key role in transmission planning is driven by input from stakeholders to maximize value for cosumers while minimizing the cost of transmission, generation and the energy on the system. Wholesale market participants and, ultimately, energy consumers, benefit from MISO’s coordination of short and long-term planning. Using advanced modeling and thorough research, we help ensure reliable and efficient electricity transmission in our footprint and beyond. 

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Load forecasts are educated estimates about the demand on energy consumption. They help gauge the risk associated with potential changes in use of energy in the near future. To get an independent view of the future demand in the MISO footprint, we hired State Utility Forecasting Group (SUFG) to develop a 10-year demand and energy forecasts for 2014-2017. 

SUFG takes a multi-step approach to forecast annual energy and seasonal peak demand at the Local Resource Zone (LRZ) and system wide levels. Each step, along with the information that SUFG analyzes, is shown in the model. 

MISO compares the Independent Load Forecast at the LRZs using the forecasts submitted by the Load Serving Entities and Transmission Owners. By examining these in comparison to the SUFG results, adjusted for diversity, we can determine whether there is a significant difference in results.

Frequency response is a measure of an Interconnection’s ability to stabilize frequency immediately after the sudden loss of generation or load. Each interconnection is actually a large machine, as every generator is pulling in tandem with the others to supply electricity to customers. The “speed” of interconnection is frequency and is measured in cycles per second. 

Planning Materials

MISO performs rigorous studies to facilitate our reliable and economic transmission planning process. Learn more about our current studies and find reports and analyses related to transmission planning.

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Our engineers work with generator owners to ensure safe, reliable and efficient access to the electric transmission system. You can find the list of all generator interconnection projects and their status right here on our website.

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Membership gives stakeholders a voice in the committee process allowing them to provide advice and input to MISO on strategic and operational business decisions. It also guarantees participation in the election of MISO’s Board of Directors.