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Using Storage as a Transmission Asset to Provide Market Services IR088

Last Modified - 08/10/2021
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Since April 2018, MISO and stakeholders have developed tariff revisions to acknowledge FERC policy that enables storage to be treated as a transmission asset. This issue largely was addressed in the Planning Advisory Committee, but also was discussed in such stakeholder groups as the Market Subcommittee and Reliability Subcommittee. 

MISO has indicated that in early 2020, it intends to begin the stakeholder process to develop the framework and corresponding tariff and BPM revisions to enable storage as transmission assets to be used to provide market services when available, which is in line with FERC’s 2017 policy statement “Utilization of Electric Storage Resources for Multiple Services When Receiving Cost-Based Rate Recovery” (PL17-2).

The use of a storage as transmission assets will be identified in the MTEP regional planning process, relied upon to address transmission needs and reflected in transmission models. 

This issue was submitted by American Transmission Company January 2020.



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MISO discussed feedback and topics to consider enabling storage as transmission assets (SATA)to also provide market services. Stakeholder feedback responses focused on policy, compensation, and operational coordination. MISO agrees in general with most responses. MISO requested feedback on topics to consider enabling SATA to also provide market services.


MISO discussed identified issues to address so that storage assets can provide both transmission and market services. FERC Policy Statement allows participation as a transmission asset and to provide market services and SATOA mirrors principles in the Western Grid. Some potential issues that would need to be addressed were shared.


FERC accepted MISO's compliance filing for Storage as a Transmission Only Asset (PAC004) 9/23/2020, which was necessary to precede this effort. Framing is scheduled to begin sometime in Q2 2021; the project will remain "On Hold" until this is taken up at the MSC.


This issue will be on the active 2021 Integrated Roadmap work plan as a Low priority. The status is On Hold, as a timeline has not been set because work will depend on the outcome of PAC004 - ' Energy Storage as Transmission Reliability Asset.' FERC (Docket No. ER20-588) held a Technical Conference to discuss the issue on May 4 and has suspended SATOA tariff changes until August 11. MISO expects a FERC order by mid-August. Additional discussions will then be needed before work on this issue commences.


Issue submitted in Dec. 2019, passed to the MSC in Jan. 2020, and will be part of the 2021 Integrated Roadmap Work Plan prioritization process.