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Resource Availability and Need (RAN) Near Term LMR Improvements RSC007

Last Modified - 10/05/2020
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Create transparency and better align LMR obligations to other resources.
The recommended approach is

  • To improve response notice and seasonal availability by setting LMR requirements to their physical capability and retail tariff obligations
  • Testing requirements for Demand Response are set to be equivalent to other resources
  • LMRs called in anticipation of Emergency declaration.

This is a sub issue to Market Roadmap Issue MR025.



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Preserve & enhance reliability



Status changed to Closed because the project has been implemented.


First meeting of the DR and MCS Alignment Task Team. Interested stakeholders are working with MISO to identify and design needed improvements to the MISO Communication System which is used by LMRs and MISO to offer and deploy these resources.


MISO presented an “LMR Registration Update” at the Resource Adequacy Subcommittee (RASC) to communicate the revised Planning Resource Auction deadlines and requirements resulting from FERC’s acceptance of the “LMR Availability” filing. An LMR FAQ was also posted, added to the Resource Adequacy BPM (BPM-011) and reviewed to guide stakeholders in registering their LMRs under the new rules.


FERC accepted MISO’s proposal with one condition related to release of LMRs called in anticipation from their obligation to perform if an emergency is not declared at least two hours in advance. MISO will continue to work with stakeholders through the Resource Adequacy Subcommittee to gather the information required in the order. MISO will also refine emergency procedures to call on long-lead LMRs in anticipation of emergency conditions. FERC responses for the Demand Resource (DR) testing and outage coordination improvements are expected March 31 and April 1 respectively.


Stakeholders submitted final comments on tariff redlines revised in response to discussion at the RSC on December 7, 2018.


MISO confirmed the timeline for the Load Modifying Resource (LMR) capability or Demand Response (DR) testing proposals will be filed no later than December 21, 2018.


MISO reviewed proposed edits to Module E-1 with stakeholders, which described changes to Load Modifying Resource (LMR) requirements and Demand Response (DR) testing changes.


RSC Meeting on November 29 reviewed proposed tariff language for December 21 filing. Feedback request on tariff language due December 13. A conference call is scheduled December 7 for tariff language Q & A.


A RAN Workshop was held on November 16. There was detailed discussion and a recording of the workshop is available in the November 16 RAN Workshop.


RAN Near Term LMR Improvement opportunites Identified and assigned to the RSC. A feedback request is open with a November 16, 2018 deadline.