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Distributed Energy Resources (DER) - FERC Order 2222 Compliance IR070

Last Modified - 09/08/2021
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This issue tracks MISO's compliance filing for FERC Order 2222.

The integration of a high penetration of Distributed Energy Resources has potential many needs to be explored, including:


  • Coordination with Distribution Operators for mutual reliability needs
  • Coordination of trip and ride through capabilities


  • More accurate forecast of growth by location and visibility into drivers of changing load shapes
  • Better modeling of reliability impacts are needed

Resource Adequacy

  • Participation rules
  • Measurement and verification


  • Approaches to aggregation and representation in MISO models
  • New products
  • New resource types
  • New settlement rules
  • New communication tool



Next Update






Integrated Roadmap


Advisory Committee Priority

Preserve & enhance reliability
Assure resource adequacy



During the MSC, MISO provided an update on activities at the DERTF and reviewed feedback. A summary of recommendations being discussed at the DERTF was shared and feedback requested on those recommendations. Feedback is due September 15.


MISO continued to review the draft framework and discussed modification of resources in an Aggregation. Stakeholder feedback was requested on aligning aggregation changes to topology model updates. A presentation was provided on four Use Case scenarios. Stakeholders were invited submit comments on the presented Use Cases and to suggest other Use Cases for MISO to review. Discussions will continue at the IPWG, RASC and RSC.


MISO submitted a status report on the stakeholder process schedule in compliance for Order 2222.


MISO presented Iteration 2 of the Order 2222 Compliance Framework. Feedback was requested on several specific items. The DERTF will review and respond to feedback at the August 30 DERTF.


The Commission issued Order 2222-B, addressing arguments raised on rehearing, setting aside in part, and clarifying in part Order 2222-A.


MISO presented a first iterations of the Order 2222 Compliance Framework. Feedback was requested on the framework as a whole and several specific items. Advance Energy Economy presented on Use Cases. The July DERTF has been canceled. A RERRA meeting is scheduled on July 28. The DERTF will review and respond to feedback at the August DERTF.


The DERTF discussed current data requirements and reviewed feedback on size requirements and participation. Voltus presented a straw proposal. Stakeholders should note changes to the June, July and August meetings. MISO Submitted an Informational filing containing a detailed stakeholder process schedule in compliance.


MISO submitted comments regarding the Commission's March 18 order addressing arguments raised on rehearing for Order No. 2222-A Participation of Distributed Energy Resources Aggregations in Markets Operated by RTO and ISO.


MISO moved the timeline back to reflect FERC accepting filing delay. Ben Sloan, OMS presented on historic filings. The DERTF discussed a brief overview of Regulatory, Transmission and Distribution roles. Betty Watson, AEMA presented a straw proposal. Other topics included requirements for Aggregations to participate and size requirements. A feedback request was opened for these.


FERC approved the request for extension to file compliance for Order No. 2222 Participation of Distributed Energy Resources Aggregations in Markets Operated by RTO and ISO.


Order 2222-A - FERC clarified demand response that is part of a heterogenous supply group of DERs CAN participate as a DER aggregation. An aggregation of DERs that includes demand response resources can participate in the RTO market even in states with a 719 opt out so long as the aggregation contains at least one other resource type eligible for DER participation.


Reviewed evaluation criteria and draft evaluation results to date at the Market Subcommittee (MSC). Feedback request extended to MSC.


Reviewed initial recommendations for Evaluation Framework at the DERTF. Feedback requested and due March 22.


MISO submitted a motion for a limited extension of time to file in compliance regarding Order No. 2222 Participation of Distributed Energy Resources Aggregations in Markets Operated by RTO and ISO.


MISO reviewed the workplan prioritization. This calendar was established with the July 19 filing in mind and does not incorporate an extension at this time. MISO reviewed stakeholder feedback and discussed evaluation questions. Additional guidance provided considerations that should be used in the development of a solution. A list of topics was shared, including data requirements, performance testing, and measurement and verification.


Discussions began at newly formed Distributed Energy Resources Task Force (DERTF). Compliance requirements of Order 2222 were discussed. The Guiding Principles and Evaluation Framework were presented. Feedback was requested and is due January 18.


Stakeholders were encouraged to watch for information about upcoming meetings and how to participate in the newly formed Distributed Energy Resources Task Force (DERTF). The Task Force will meet monthly.


The Steering Committee approved the formation of the Distributed Energy Resources Task Force (DERTF) at a special session on November 9. This Task Force will report to the Market Subcommittee.


MISO introduced the issue and discussed it's response plan. A few high-level requirements were discussed. This Order crosses boundaries, therefore coordination among all MISO states will be important. Stakeholders can participate via Workshops that will be held between January and March as well as feedback requests. A compliance filing is due by July 19, 2021. A request to create a Task Force to work on this issue was submitted to the Steering Committee and discussed at the November 3 meeting. During the MSC a motion was made to recommend the formations of a Distributed Energy Resource Task Force (DERTF) reporting to the MSC. The motion passed with general consent. A special meeting of the Steering Committee will be held on November 9 to vote on the formation of this Task force.


Brief update in the Market Subcommittee (MSC) Liaison report. Will primarily be discussed at the MSC but also other committees as necessary. Discussions will begin at the November MSC.


The title has been altered to reflect the fact that this project will track MISO's compliance with FERC Order 2222. As such, the "proposed by" field has changed from MISO to FERC; priority has changed from "Medium" to "FERC"; Impact to TBD because it is to be determine whether changes will occur on legacy systems, the nGEM platform, or both; the timeline has been updated to reflect Evaluation in Q1 and an anticipated FERC Filing in late June 2021 with FERC continuing to review the filing during Q3 and Q4 2021.


FERC Order 2222 issued and compliance filings are due on July 19, 2021.


The DER Program and associated projects will build off of information presented in a whitepaper to be published in August 2020, which will present an assessment of visibility needs with increased Distributed Energy Resources, integration models for related communications, and potential options for communication platforms.


Update provided to RSC on DER Program


Voted Medium as part of the 2019 Integrated Roadmap prioritization process. The Frame phase has been extended through 2020 as well.


Current phase corrected from Evaluate to Frame. (DERs) added to name of issue.


Issue added to Issue Tracking Tool.