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Dispatchable Intermittent Resource (DIR) Modification IR040

Last Modified - 12/10/2020

Modify business and settlements rules to improve incentives and enable more efficient participation of DIRs in MISO's economic dispatch process.

  • Perform analysis to determine appropriate alarming, notification, and replacement procedures, including any necessary tariff provisions to implement accuracy and performance standards, to validate market participant Forecast Maximum Dispatch submittals.
  • Enhance persistence forecasting to better reflect ramping capability of DIRs.
  • Consider a modified excess energy threshold for wind resources that would allow these resources more latitude to exceeds its dispatch level (i.e., its forecasted output) when it will not cause congestion.
  • Modify the Excessive Energy settlement to help balance the Excessive and Deficient energy settlements that wind resources face associated with forecast errors.

This issue was submitted by Potomac Economics, MISO's Independent Market Monitor (IMM) and is synonymous with State of the Market (SOM) recommendations 2016-7 and 2016-8.



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Improve market efficiency



This issue was completed along with IR030 - Tighten Thresholds for Uninstructed Deviations. FERC accepted that Tariff filing on 1/25/2019.


Included new 2016 IMM recommendations