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Integrated Roadmap

The Integrated Roadmap (IR) is a 5-year forward-looking work plan that details project development timelines for important issues spanning MISO’s various subcommittees. MISO combined roadmaps across stakeholder entities in 2019 to create a single process for the company and its stakeholders to prioritize the specific Integrated Roadmap issues. All MISO issues can be tracked and are detailed in the online Issue Tracking Tool.

Stakeholders submit issues they would like to be worked on and prioritized via the Issue Submission Form. The Steering Committee reviews submitted issues on a rolling basis and determines if the issue will be taken up by one of MISO’s Main Parent Entities (Planning, Resource Adequacy, Markets, and Reliability subcommittees). At the same time, the Steering Committee also determines whether the issue will become an Integrated Roadmap item.

The IR Work Plan is a living document, prioritized annually and updated monthly as project life cycles ebb and flow. Current and past work plans can be viewed in the document navigator.

IR Workshops serve as a forum to review IR issues and provide insight and input into how those issues are being prioritized. The annual IR process is detailed below. Specific and workshop dates are available in the Integrated Roadmap Workshops link. 

Questions about the Integrated Roadmap can be directed to the MISO Liaison and Stakeholder Relations.

IR Work Plans

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