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Stakeholder Entities / Workshops


Meeting materials for the following retired committees have expired and are no longer available.

Ancillary Services Task Force (ASTF)

Candidate MVP Portfolio Task Force (MVPTF)

Eastern Interconnection Phasor Project Task Force (EIPP)

EMS Models Working Group

Energy and ASM Readiness Task Force (EARTF)

Expansion Planning Working Group (EPWG)

Extended LMP Task Team (ELMPTT)

Information Technology User Group (ITUG)

Load Shedding Task Force (LSTF)

Long-Term Transmission Rights Planning Working Group (LTTRPWG)

Market Implementation Task Force

Market Monitoring and Mitigation Working Group

Market Settlement Assessment Task Force 

Metric Interpretive Guidance Review Task Force

Minimum Generation Task Force (MGTF)

Model Building Working Group (MBWG)

Nuclear Plant Working Group (NPWG)

OATT Business Practices Working Group

Operating Reserves Task Force (ORSTF)

Operations Working Group (OWG)

Order 1000 – Right of First Refusal Task Team (ROFR)

Real-Time Reliability Working Group

Retail Market Working Group (RMWG)

Revenue Sufficiency Guarantee Task Force (RSGTF)

Tariff and Business Practices Subcommittee (TBPS)

Tariff Task Team (TTT)

Tariff Working Group (TWG)

Trading Hubs Task Force (THTF)

Transmission Rights Task Force (TRTF)

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