MISO's Refreshed Public Website

Technology moves fast – in 2023 MISO upgraded and refreshed its public website to improve overall user experience with a more secure, modern, intuitive interface. Simplicity, ease of use and improved navigation were top deliverables for the project. Please note, bookmarks created for the previous version of the MISO  website may not work on the current website. 

Responsive Layout

The responsive interface adapts to whatever device and browser you use. 

Responsive layout

New Look

A more modern look with the same user familiarity.

Modern Look

New Password Requirement

Users are required to reset their profile passwords if they did not do so on the test site. Follow the steps below to reset your password.

  1. Click Login in the top right corner of this site
  2. Enter the email address and password associated with your profile and click Log In.
  3. Type in the email address associated with your profile and click Send Profile Confirmation.
  4. You will receive an email from webmaster@misoenergy.org that outlines the steps to take to verify your profile information and reset your password. From within the email, click the Confirm your account 
    Note: this must be completed within 24 hours of receiving the email. If you do not receive the email in your inbox, be sure to also check your spam, junk and trash folders.
  5. Enter and confirm a new password 
  6. Verify and/or update your contact information.
  7. Click the I’m not a Robot checkbox
  8. Click Confirm Profile.
  9. When your profile has been successfully reconfirmed, the following screen will appear, and you can login.
What's Changing?
To help users find information more quickly, we consolidated and removed some pages. These are the major changes you will see to pages in each section of the upgraded site.

Board of Directors and Leadership pages are consolidated into one: MISO Leadership page

MISO Region Engagement page has been retired. Information on this page now appears on the Stakeholder Engagement page.

Customer Training and System Operator Training pages are consolidated into one: Customer and System Operator Training.

This section of the website has undergone a number of changes to consolidate information and improve the user experience. For example:

The new MTEP page includes a cleaner interface with easier to find information. The Project Lists and Status Reports/Variance Analysis/Schedule 26/26A Indicative Reports pages are consolidated under Project Tracking and Monitoring. 

Policy Studies page has been retired. Reports are housed in the Library which is accessed from the navigation in the top right corner of the site.

The Economic Planning page has been retired.

Long-Term Transmission Service Requests have been moved to a new  platform (Dynamics). This Knowledge Article explains how to submit requests. 

Added Features
New and improved!

The navigation bar consists of a drop-down "mega-menu" with pages grouped and displayed under bold headings. Also find a  secondary navigation bar to the top right of the Home page with links to the Careers page, Library and Help Center.

Public Website Navigation

We added a Library to house MISO reports and white papers. Access the Library from the secondary navigation bar at the top right of the Home page.

We added two real-time widgets to the Home page.

New Grid Conditions Gauge for Generation

This chart is a visual representation of MISO's Market Capacity Emergency notifications. It shows current grid conditions based on available capacity (supply). Movement of the needle from “Green” is triggered by a control room market capacity related notification. The yellow wedge represents alert and warning notifications. The orange and red wedges represent EEA1, EEA2, and EEA3 respectively. A "View Notifications" button appears when the needle moves out of the green area.   

New Supply and Demand Curve with Capacity

This chart is a graphical representation of MISO's power supply (capacity) and demand using Real-Time actuals (solid lines) and the forecasted supply (capacity) and demand (dotted lines). Committed capacity includes generating units based on latest commitment plan, as well as forecasted wind and solar generation output and Net Schedule Interchange.  It does not include capacity that may not be delivered due to transmission congestion.  Available Capacity represents additional economic generation resources available to come on-line if needed.

We improved the Document Navigators by adding descriptions and dates of when documents were last updated.

Document Navigators

Platform Upgrade

An upgraded back-end platform which reinforces tightened security measures along with faster site performance.

Enhanced security

Page Links to Bookmark

If you bookmarked pages on the previous website, you may need to rebookmark some now. Examples of pages that will likely require new bookmarks include (but are not limited to):