Attachment O Compliance

Annually, each TO is required to:

  1. Submit Attachment O materials to MISO for review prior to ATRR inclusion in rates.
  2. Fulfill FERC's public posting and notification requirements.

See submission instructions below for each of these separate requirements.

MISO Review and Submission

Annually by May 1[1], Transmission Owners are required to submit to MISO populated versions of their applicable FERC-approved Formula Rate Templates (and supporting workpapers), used to determine their Annual Transmission Revenue Requirements (ATRR). MISO review of these ATRRs is required prior to inclusion in MISO Transmission Rates.

[1]Unless otherwise provided in a company-specific Attachment O formula. Refer to Attachment O Formula Rate Protocols for a list of entities (and applicable submission dates) for entities that have requested (and FERC has approved) their usage of company-specific templates. 

To submit Attachment O materials to MISO for review:

  1. Access the MISO Help Center
  2. Follow instructions for submitting materials to MISO for Annual Review

Note: Submitting materials to MISO for Annual Review does not fulfill your FERC posting requirements. Refer to 'Annual FERC Posting Requirements' for instructions on completing these postings.

Due dates and materials to be submitted can be found in the MISO Tariff/Attachment O - Rate Formulae.

Annual FERC Posting

This section includes information about FERC's annual posting requirements (found in the Attachment O Formula Rate Protocols) and instructions for publicly posting materials on the MISO TO Rate Data page and/ or OASIS. See the standard posting and notification timeline.

To post Formula Rate Protocol Materials:

  1. Create user profile (if not previously registered)
  2. Log in to Stakeholder Upload Platform
  3. Refer to Formula Rate Protocol Posting Guide for full instructions


Note: Completing the FERC postings does not fulfill MISO's Annual Review requirements per the Tariff. Refer to 'MISO Review and Submission Requirements' for instructions on submitting materials for MISO's Annual Review.

Due dates and materials to be publicly posted can be located in the MISO Tariff/Attachment O - Rate Formulae.