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Markets and Operations

As one of the world’s leading Regional Transmission Organizations and the largest geographical organization of its kind, MISO provides independent, equal and non-discriminatory access to the electric transmission system. MISO's efficient market operations ensure and support increased grid reliability.  
MISO's world-class energy markets serve as a platform for matching the supply and demand of energy. As a result, our energy markets and their efficient operation optimize transmission utilization, allow market transparency, eliminate pancaked transmission rates and centralize unit commitment and dispatch.

Download RT Data

Use our APIs to download real-time data like Real-Time Load or Net Scheduled Interchange.


MISO urges asset owners to ensure that generating units are adequately weatherized to help maintain grid reliability. 

Market Vision

Our market vision is to foster wholesale electric markets that deliver reliable and economically efficient outcomes. 


MISO's Independent Market Monitor produces reports assessing the competitive performance of the our energy and operating reserves markets.

Market System Enhancements

Our ability to successfully execute our strategy is predicated on having secure systems that provide the tools, performance and information required to manage the grid reliably. Over the course of the next several years, we will work with our stakeholders to update and enhance our market systems. These strategic investments ensure MISO will continue delivering reliability and value.  


We post notifications when we make changes to our IT systems and when we post materials and information related to MISO markets and operations. 

Market Settlements

MISO uses a multi-settlement process to determine financial charges and credits to Market Participants. Our Market Settlements team collects operational and Market Participant submitted data to produce daily settlement statements.