Steering Committee (SC)

Mission Statement

The Steering Committee assists in coordinating the work of Entities. In doing so, the primary duties of the Steering Committee are outlined in the Stakeholder Governance Guide and are summarized as follows:

Issues Management

  • Identify and coordinate issues
  • Determine the appropriate Entity to be responsible for each issue
  • Eliminate duplication of efforts

Agenda Development

  • Provide advice regarding the Advisory Committee agendas and strategic plans 
  • Communicate with Entities to ensure all major issues are captured

Information Source

  • Report Steering Committee activities to the Advisory Committee

Governance Responsibilities

  • Enforce the various specifications described in the Stakeholder Governance Guide

In addition to the above duties, the Steering Committee will be responsible for conducting an annual entity review and making the resulting recommendations to the Advisory Committee.

Brian Drumm
(703) 731-8831
Vice Chair
Sarah Freeman
(317) 232-2955
Suzie Jaworoski
Stakeholder Relations
Eileen King

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