Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee (ADRC)

Mission Statement

Pursuant to the provisions of Attachment HH (Dispute Resolution Procedures) of MISO’s Tariff, the ADR Committee is composed of six members, appointed by MISO’s Board of Directors on the recommendation of the Advisory Committee. From time to time, the ADR Committee may also be composed of one or more standing alternate members. Individual members’ terms are staggered, three-year periods. Best efforts are used to select an ADR Committee that reflects the diversity, in terms of size, type of entity and geographic location of the MISO Transmission Owners and Members. No more than one representative on the Committee may be a representative of the same Owner or Member. Members may serve additional terms.

The ADR Committee is responsible for:

  1. Establishing and maintaining systems of alternative dispute resolution, including provisions for both dispute mediation and dispute arbitration;
  2. Maintaining a pool of qualified mediators and arbitrators;
  3. Determining rates to be paid for mediation and arbitration services, upon request;
  4. Determining if mediation is not warranted in a dispute presented for mediation or arbitration;
  5. Selecting mediators for disputes, if necessary;
  6. Making written arbitration decisions available to parties;
  7. Establishing other procedures and schedules as are necessary and
  8. Providing oversight and supervision of all processes and procedures, subject to the jurisdiction of the ADR Committee.
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