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Last Modified - 12/02/2022

Forward Capacity Accreditation for Use-Limited Resources (fka IR096) RASC-2020-1

2022 2023
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The capacity value of use-limited resources decreases with penetration as the peak load is levelized, forcing incremental resources to cover an increased number of hours for equal capacity credit.  The result is a declining capacity credit with greater penetration of use-limited resources.

The application of static capacity credits for use-limited resources like demand response and energy storage will not capture the necessary evolution of capacity accreditation to ensure reliability at higher levels of penetration. Future resource planning efforts should consider how the capacity contributions of various future investments will change as penetrations increase rather than assuming capacity accreditation in the future remains consistent with today’s rules.  Forward estimates of capacity accreditation for Use-Limited Resources is needed to provide guidance towards future resource investments. 

This is a sub-issue of Capacity Accreditation Issue RASC-2019-2 (fka RASC010) formerly was Issue IR096.


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