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Value Proposition

With growing energy demands throughout MISO's footprint, our services help ensure reliable, least-cost delivered energy. MISO’s Value Proposition documents how we unlock billions in annual benefits for the region. In 2019, those efforts provided between $3.2 billion and $3.9 billion in regional benefits, driven by enhanced reliability, more efficient use of the region’s existing transmission and generation assets, and a reduced need for new assets.

MISO’s Value Proposition affirms our core belief that a collective, region-wide approach to grid planning and management delivers the greatest benefits. Our landmark analysis serves as a model for other grid operators and transparently communicates the benefits in everything we do.

Defining Our Value Proposition

The value MISO adds became apparent shortly after the energy-only market began in 2005. To quantify this value, MISO – in collaboration with its stakeholders – created the MISO Value Proposition in 2007. The Value Proposition breaks MISO’s business model into recognized categories of benefits and calculates a range of dollar values for each defined category.

From 2007 through 2019, the Value Proposition studies revealed that MISO provided the region an estimated $26 billion in cumulative net benefits.

Qualitative Benefits

MISO's Value Proposition also demonstrates significant qualitative benefits:

  • Price / Informational Transparency
  • Planning Coordination
  • Seams Management
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