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MISO Reliability Imperative

The electric industry is changing in profound ways. The industry’s longtime reliance on conventional baseload power plants is declining sharply, driven by economic factors and consumer preferences for clean energy, among other things.

Meanwhile, the grid is becoming increasingly reliant on wind and solar resources that are available only when the wind is blowing, or the sun is shining.

To be sure, there are upsides and opportunities associated with these trends. But the changes we are seeing also pose a host of complex and urgent challenges to electric system reliability in the MISO region.

Utilities, states, and MISO all have roles to play to address these challenges. MISO calls this shared responsibility the Reliability Imperative, because the reliability-enhancing work it requires cannot be delayed.

MISO’s response to the Reliability Imperative is explained in the report provided below.  It describes the many interconnected efforts that MISO is pursuing in the realms of markets, operations, and planning to address the challenges we are facing.  The report is a “living document” that will be regularly updated and expanded as we learn more. 

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