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MISO responds to extreme weather

System conditions improve in MISO region

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January 18, 2018

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Jan. 18, 12:54 p.m. ET

System conditions improve in MISO region

MISO returned to normal operations Thursday, Jan. 18, as conditions across the region continue to improve. The MISO grid remains stable and secure.

All emergency operations, including a Maximum Generation Event for MISO South, were terminated at 10:45 ET Thursday.

Thursday morning’s systemwide peak was 101.8 gigawatts. MISO South (spanning Arkansas, Louisiana, portions of Mississippi and part of East Texas) saw a morning peak of 30.9 gigawatts.

The South region set a new winter peak Wednesday morning, Jan. 17, of 32.1 gigawatts. The all-time (summer) peak for MISO South is 32.6 gigawatts.

MISO and member utilities worked together to maintain reliability of the power grid over the past two days as extreme temperatures gripped the South. Generation outages also posed challenges for the system operator.

In preparation for the most challenging conditions, MISO declared a Maximum Generation Event for the South region that included a public appeal for power conservation. Member utilities helped manage high demand by asking customers to save on energy use where possible.

Temperatures are expected to moderate over the next few days.

Original Notice

Jan. 17, 5 p.m. ET

MISO managed heavy energy demands Wednesday morning, Jan. 17, due to the frigid temperatures that encased the South region particularly. Working closely with members, MISO maintained system reliability while managing challenges created by both generation outages and extreme temperatures.

 Today’s unofficial peak across all regions in the MISO footprint was 105 GW. The all-time winter peak is 109 GW set in 2014. MISO South set a new winter peak this morning of 32.1 GW. The current all-time summer peak for MISO South is 32.6 GW.

The MISO North and Central regions were in Maximum Generation Alert status and conservative operations for part of Wednesday morning. MISO South will remain in a Maximum Generation Event through midnight with the possibility of extending the event through the Thursday morning peak. Conservative Operations and the Cold Weather Alert will continue for the South Region until 2 p.m. Friday ET. Additionally, operators are analyzing forecasts and outage information for the remainder of the week.

MISO’s market functions performed well Wednesday, and emergency pricing performed as designed.

Operators follow established procedures and rely on extensive training and preparation to manage this event. Our team will continue to work with our members to carefully maintain reliability of the bulk electric system.