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MISO projects risk of insufficient firm generation resources to cover peak load in summer months

Lack of firm generation may necessitate increased reliance on imports and use of emergency procedures to maintain reliability

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April 28, 2022

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Brandon D. Morris

CARMEL, Ind. — Today, the Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) projected the need for increased, non-firm imports and potentially emergency resources to meet the 2022 summer peak demand with warmer-than-normal temperatures forecasted throughout the MISO footprint. The summer peak forecast is 124 GW with 119 GW of projected regularly available generation within MISO.

“The seasonal assessment aligns with the cleared resources identified in the 2022-2023 Planning Resource Auction, which indicated capacity shortfalls in both the north and central regions of MISO and leaving those areas at increased risk of temporary, controlled outages to preserve the integrity of the bulk electric system,” said JT Smith, executive director – market operations at MISO.

MISO’s preparation for the summer season includes training and conducting exercises with member companies to prepare for the worst-case scenarios and to implement lessons learned and best practices. During Real-Time operations, unplanned outages and other variables may require additional actions to maintain grid reliability.

“We closely monitor the many challenges the summer season can bring and coordinate with our members and other grid operators for situational awareness,” said Jessica Lucas, MISO’s executive director – system operations. “Our members provide us with the details to determine our operational needs and we anticipate tight operating conditions this summer based on their insights.”

MISO’s Response to the Reliability Imperative is focused on implementing the needed changes to address the risks identified as the region’s fleet of generating resources continues to evolve in ways that are creating new system needs that must be addressed. These challenges are driven by such factors as utility and state policies to reduce carbon emissions.

The workshop also included a presentation focused on coal transport outlook based on railroad industry trends. MISO also hosted ITC’s Carlo Capra who reviewed the transmission owner’s summer outlook. For more information, see the 2022 Summer Readiness Workshop presentation materials available on the MISO website.




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