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MISO moves forward to further integrate energy storage resources

RTO files tariff changes to establish Electric Storage Model

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December 4, 2018

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Mark Brown

CARMEL, Ind. — The Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) on Monday, Dec. 3, filed comprehensive tariff changes that advance the future deeper integration of energy storage across its footprint. MISO’s proposal for an Electric Storage Resource market participation model was crafted in consultation with its stakeholders and reflects feedback from multiple discussions, workshops and rounds of written comments.

“We can only achieve important milestones like this through significant stakeholder involvement and extensive effort from the multiple parties involved,” said MISO Executive Vice President Richard Doying. “We look forward to the construction and implementation phases in 2019 and continued collaboration as we enhance our market design to integrate future technologies.” 

Battery and other storage resources have emerged as the nation’s electric fleet has undergone significant transformation, driven by energy policy, economic realities and consumer changes. Monday’s action addresses compliance needs for FERC Order 841 and would become effective Dec. 3, 2019.

The filing enables Electric Storage Resource participation in MISO’s capacity, energy and ancillary services markets. MISO’s proposal is technology neutral and includes all technologies and/or storage mediums, including but not limited to batteries, flywheels, compressed air and pumped-hydro. In compliance with Order 841, an Electric Storage Resource may be located on either the transmission system or a local distribution system.

“Allowing Electric Storage Resources to participate fully in MISO’s markets will enhance competition, promote greater market efficiency and help support the resilience of the bulk power system,” Doying noted.

The new Electric Storage Resource category is designed to integrate any storage technology – providing unique modeling, offer parameters, operating limitations and settlement provisions that recognize the physical and operational characteristics of storage resources.

Electric Storage Resources may participate in MISO’s Energy and Operating Reserve Markets as supply and demand, set market clearing prices as either supply or demand, and provide energy and ancillary service products through a customized offer structure that incorporates Order 841’s required parameters.

MISO will continue working proactively along with stakeholders to prepare for continued growth of electric storage products, as the industry evaluates technologies that can improve reliability, overall value and customer demands.



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