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Joseph J. Gardner

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Joseph J. Gardner, Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer

Prior to this compliance assignment, Mr. Gardner was responsible for MISO’s forward markets and operational processes, overseeing  the administration of MISO’s Financial Transmission Rights Market, the Day-Ahead Energy and Ancillary Services Market, outage coordination, seams coordination, and tariff administration and scheduling.  In addition, his responsibilities included leadership of MISO’s application and information services as well as market engineering and modeling services. 

Previously, Mr. Gardner had played a key role in the development and launch of MISO’s market and reliability functions.  Mr. Gardner joined MISO in 2000, with his first task overseeing the implementation of the MISO Tariff in 2002.  Under his guidance, MISO successfully began real-time market operations in 2005, and began serving as the region’s balancing authority when MISO began providing ancillary services market operations in 2009. During this tenure, Mr. Gardner consistently led MISO’s real-time operations in Carmel and St. Paul in providing best-in-class reliability for MISO’s members, setting an example for the industry and demonstrating to new members the value that MISO provides.

Prior to joining MISO, Mr. Gardner spent 16 years at Central and South West Services (CSWS) in Dallas, Texas, where he earned positions of increasing responsibility, including Director of System Operations.  Mr. Gardner has extensive operating experience in the Midwest as well as in both the Electric Reliability Council of Texas and in the Southwest Power Pool.  Mr. Gardner has also been an active participant in NERC processes, including chairing several NERC committees. 

Mr. Gardner earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington.