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Interview Experience

Look for jobs that closely align with your career interests and qualifications.  Our candidates have a better chance of selection when their experience matches our job requirements. 

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Applications are read by real humans who are both experts in interpreting resumes and familiar with our jobs within a talent segment – not just the one you applied for.

Once you have completed your application you will receive an email confirmation acknowledging your submission.

You may be asked to complete a Plum Talent Profile Assessment as part of our selection/review process.  This tool helps us look at behavioral success factors and talents that align with the role you’ve applied to.  We will reach out to you directly if you are asked to complete this step.

Our goal is to fill the position with the best talent and we appreciate your patience as we complete our selection process. 

We want to find out more about your background, experience, and why you’re interested in a career with MISO.  Our interview process typically follows these steps:

  • Phone Interview with the Recruiter
  • Phone Interview with the Hiring Manager
  • Onsite/Video interview with the Hiring Manager and interview panel

We want you to have a good experience, so here’s some information to help you prepare for your interview.

For our on-site/video interviews, MISO practices the STAR Format (Situation, Task faced, Actions taken, Results or changes caused by the action) which is a behavioral-based interview.  Our interviewing approach is more structured and focuses on examples of how you have performed in previous work-related situations.

How do you prepare for the STAR Format?

  • The next time you are telling someone about an experience you had or what happened on your favorite TV show, tell the story by sharing the four parts of a STAR: describe the Situation and Task faced, tell what Actions were taken, and describe the Results.
  • Consider challenging, difficult, and rewarding experiences in your past work history. Write them down using the STAR technique.

Tips to Keep in Mind:

  • During the interview, it is expected that you will need some time to think back to specific experiences. Don’t feel pressured to answer the question quickly or feel uncomfortable asking the interview team to repeat the question.
  • If you are unable to think of a specific experience in the past, let the interview team know that you may need to come back to that question or that you haven’t had that situation happen to you. Be sure to provide experiences so the interviewer can assess your skills accurately.
  • There may be questions included in your interview that seek experiences that didn’t work out the way you intended. This information gives the interview team a balanced, realistic picture of your background and shows how you have learned from experiences.

MISO's core values are part of our interview process - please take a moment to review MISO’s Values
.  Be thinking of these values as you prepare for your interview.


Sample Interview Questions

Traditional Interview Questions Behavioral-Based Interview Questions
Where do you see yourself in five years? Tell me the last time you handled a customer complaint.
What are your three strengths and weaknesses? Describe an example of when you became frustrated with a peer/team member.
Why should we hire you for this job? When was the last time you gave feedback to an employee who was not performing up to standards? What did you do?
What do you think is important in being a good manager/team member? Tell me about the last creative idea that you implemented in your work area.

When the hiring manager has found "THE" candidate for their role (maybe it's You!), a verbal offer will be extended by the recruiter.  Then, a written offer will be emailed to review and accept electronically. 

Once the offer process has finished, you will have to complete a background check and drug screen prior to your start date.  Additionally, you’ll have some action items to complete prior within our system. 

Congratulations and Welcome Aboard!  We look forward to seeing you at New Employee Orientation!

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