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MISO primes interns for future roles in leadership and innovation. As the energy industry evolves, we need a group of bright, motivated, diverse problem solvers to help us advance.

Our awesome recruiting team is gearing up for our Fall 2023 campus visits! We plan to visit multiple universities and colleges as we look for the next great class of interns. Follow this page and add MISO on LinkedIn for the latest campus recruiting information.

New graduates are urged to apply for full-time opportunities – we need fresh perspectives in moving toward decarbonization.

We trust interns with meaningful, challenging projects which directly impact MISO’s success and business goals. Each intern works roughly 40 hours per week, from late May to mid-August, on projects that provide then with real-world industry experience. We want interns to see all sides of the company and learn how MISO partners with its stakeholders to deliver power to over 45 million people.

The internship program culminates with participants presenting their work to company executives and employees. 


We strive to help interns become well-rounded professionals ready to enter the workforce. Specialized tools and training during MISO’s internship program cover topics like financial wellness, effective communication and perseverance.


Mentors drive our interns’ success. MISO pairs every new intern with a team of employees and mentors with department knowledge. There is also the Buddy Program, which introduces an additional network of support outside of the intern’s department, for a 360-degree view of the industry.

It is common for interns to be hired full-time at MISO after graduating. We aim to prepare interns for wherever they go next, but the goal of our program is to coach them for a successful return to MISO. Whether they have been here for over ten years or less than a month, several of our most successful employees started as MISO interns.

Before the Internship

1.  What is the application and interview process? 

Our internship positions are posted on our website from August through October. This is also when MISO employees will attend career fairs.  Check out MISO on the Road to view our career fair schedule. We then contact qualified students for an intial phone interview and schedule an in person interview between October and December. Students who accept their offer will begin their internship in late May. 

2.  Do I need relevant experience to apply? 

Relevant work experience is not required but is certainly helpful to make an applicant stand out. 

3.  Is there a minimum GPA requirement? 

There is no minimum GPA required to apply for MISO internships. 

4.  What majors are eligible to apply? 

All majors are encouraged to apply. MISO offers internships in IT, engineering, marketing, corporate communications, finance, human resources, cyber security and several other fields. 

5.  Are international students eligible to apply? 

MISO is unable to sponsor international students. 

6.  Do all three MISO locations accept interns? 

Yes, interns may apply for a position in Indiana, Minnesota or Arkansas.  

During the Internship

1.  Where do interns live? 

MISO provides local housing for all interns in each location. 

2.  How many other interns are there? 

MISO has over 30 interns each year. There are several opportunities, both at the office and outside of work, to get to know your fellow intern class. 

3.  Are internship positions paid? 

MISO offers competitive pay for interns. 

4.  How many hours do interns work? 

Interns are able to work a maximum of 40 hours per week. 

5.  How long does the internship program last? 

The program begins in late May and ends in the middle of August. 

6.  What type of work are interns given? 

MISO interns are given real world work experience. They are immediately immersed into the culture of the business and provided with tools and mentors to help them succeed. Interns have the opportunity to work on projects that have a lasting impact on the organization. 

7.  I still have more questions, who can I contact? 

Please contact MISO’s internship coordinator with any other questions. 


Universities Some of Our Interns Have Attended

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