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System Operator Training

The MISO Technical Training program is committed to working with members to design, develop and implement world-class simulations that test operator skills and knowledge.  Each year more than one thousand member operators participate in MISO led simulation drills that focus on restoration and reliability.

Current annual drills include:

The drills are designed to increase operator confidence, enhance communication between MISO and member operators and strengthen the MISO-Member partnership.  Additionally, each year the System Restoration and Reliability Training Working Group (SRRTWG) – a member led stakeholder group dedicated to improving operator reliability skills - hosts several continuing education courses.  These classes are outlined below and registration can be completed through the MISO Learning Center (formerly LMS).

2023 Power System Restoration Drills

MISO will conduct its annual Power System Restoration Drill this fall, October 3-4 and October 17-18, 2023!

Transmission Operators (and Generation Operators identified in a TOP’s power system restoration plan) are invited to attend. See NERC-EOP-005-3 for attendance requirements. Contact MISO-TechTraining with any questions.