Customer Training

Tackle new challenges or refresh your knowledge and skills.  From an introduction to MISO Markets to Tariff Administration, our market courses offer participants an understanding of MISO business practices and market operations. Choose online learning tools to learn more about MISO or participate in classroom experiences that dive into electric industry concepts and theories.

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You’ll notice some changes to MISO Customer Training starting in early March 2019!   MISO spent all of 2018 researching, investigating and listening to our customers as they told us how we could improve the training we provide.  To read more about what we learned and what’s in store click on the  “Customer Training Needs Assessment” link above.  Here’s a sneak peek into this multi-year effort…

First,We are reviewing and updating all our existing training materials.  As of March 15, 2019, all the materials posted to the Customer Training page will have been reviewed and updated for accuracy.  Anything that has not been reviewed by that date will be removed.  Additional materials will be added as they are reviewed and verified by our Subject Matter Experts and will be reviewed annually for accuracy going forward.  Looking for something?  Contact Debbie Baldwin at for assistance.

Next up, We’ll redesign this Customer Training page based on what we heard from our customers….stay tuned!!!

If you are interested in learning more about MISO's market operations, consider our self-guided curriculum.  We offer everything from introductory concepts to detailed step-by-step training guides.

Level 100 Training - These modules offer an basic overview of MISO's market operations.  Each provides an introduction to MISO's core market competencies and gives the interested observer the foundation necessary to dive deeper into market concepts with our level 200 or 300 offerings.

Level 200 Training - In these modules, you will build upon the concepts introduced in Level 100 courses.  Learn about the roles, responsibilities and processes necessary to operate and support MISO markets. Review these modules if you are looking for additional information on Market Participant functions, MISO Markets and supporting MISO functions.

Level 300 Training - Building upon the foundation built in the Level 100 and Level 200 training, these modules provide additional understanding of participation in MISO and MISO Markets by explaining complex concepts through scenario-based training or by introducing the functionality of various MISO systems and tools. Both types of these Level 300 courses are intended to provide a more thorough understanding of participation in MISO and MISO Markets.