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PAC: MISO Futures (20200311)

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Related Entity(s): Planning Advisory Committee (PAC)

Topic(s): Transmission Planning

In the March 11 meeting of the Planning Advisory Committee (PAC), stakeholders were invited to submit feedback on the following items:

Feedback Item #1:

MISO is requesting each stakeholder sector to provide their feedback on the proposed futures for the finalization of the MTEP21 Future definitions.  This feedback request is focused on the broader, more conceptual parts of the MTEP Futures processes and is not intended to include feedback on particular values of MTEP21 variables. Feedback requests and responses are managed through MISO’s Feedback Tool at: https://www.misoenergy.org/stakeholder-engagement/stakeholder-feedback/

Feedback Item #2:

MISO is requesting feedback on Retirements, Seasonal Operations, and CPCN.  Use the posted Excel spreadsheet labeled “20200311 PAC Item 04a Retirement Seasonal Operations CPCN  Feedback Request" to provide feedback. Simply fill in the spreadsheet and email your completed version to mtepfutures@misoenergy.org.

Please provide feedback by March 27.

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