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Multiple Configuration Resources (fka Enhanced Modeling of Combined Cycle Generators IR002) MSC-2018-9

Last Modified - 12/16/2022
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Model combined cycle (CC) resources as configurable in the DA and RAC SCUC algorithm. The participant would be able to offer 1) configuration transition costs, 2) independent energy, no-load, and reserve offers for each configuration, 3) minimum run time and down times for each configuration, and 4) configuration transition and notification times. The algorithm would commit the best configuration on an hourly basis subject to configuration transition constraints offered by the participant. Once a configuration is committed, the offer parameters for that configuration would be loaded into SCED (DA or RT) for dispatch. 

This issue was created as a product of the 2018 Enhanced Combined Cycle Task Team (ECCTT).

(formerly IR002)



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Set to Inactive as there are no planned stakeholder discussions and issue is dependent on Market System Enhancement.


MISO is coordinating with related efforts to refine the Multiple Configuration Resources (MCR) implementation plan and continuing to make progress where possible. MISO is continuing to project the earliest MCR implementation will be in 2026. Future updates on MCR will be provided when meaningful progress has been made.


An update was provided at the Market Subcommittee on implementation plans for Multiple Configuration Resources (MCR), including plans for enhanced modeling of Combined Cycle generators. The project name has been changed to "Multiple Configuration Resources" from "Enhanced Modeling of Combined Cycle Generators" to reflect the updated scope of this potential solution.


The timeline has been cleared beyond the anticipated FERC filing and review period to reflect uncertainty with respect to a specific build, and implementation schedule. The timeline will be updated as those schedules become more clear. Build was previously scheduled to start in Q4 2022 with Implementation anticipated in Q2 2023.


Anticipated FERC filing included in the timeline starting Q1 2021. GE is developing a design white paper for adding Multi-Configuration Resource (MCR), largely based on MISO's ECC conceptual design, in the new Market Clearing Engine. After reviewing GE's design proposal, MISO will work with GE to develop an implementation approach and share with stakeholders.


Presented to the MSC the risks of building ECC on the Legacy system. MISO has made the ECC project a high priority on MSE.


Voted a Medium priority as part of the 2019 Integrated Roadmap prioritization process.


Forecasted implementation date changed to Q2 2023. Current Phase details updated.


Forecasted implementation date changed to Q2 2022.


Updated Current Phase Assessment and Comments.


Production cost savings Assessment changed to High. Relationship to other initiatives - MSE.


The Evaluation phase has been completed, and the development of the product has begun. First stage is Conceptual System Design.


Updated information for the 2016 ranking process.


Proposed proof of concept study and creation of a stand-alone prototype. Based on the test results, MISO will determine whether to move forward. New data requirements associated with each configuration and transition have been determined. Stakeholders were asked to provide test data.


Proof of concept study progress reviewed. Next steps include requesting configuration-based offers for prototype testing from stakeholders.


Technical questions sent to MSC participants for feedback and input into development of proof of concept, design and testing.


Kick off discussion with MSC. Six month status report filing requirement.